Word of Mouth

When you provide a niche service such as ours, you quickly discover that indeed, word of mouth advertising is your best source of business.  One month into this venture we have found that almost all of our guests have heard about us from someone else, someone whose opinion they trusted.  These referrals far surpass the business we have received from Tripadvisor or Google, although we value every referral from these sources.

The question that challenges us now is how to develop more word of mouth when our guest base is still small.  (Like the welcoming sign to Gretna, Virginia I once saw from the highway, proclaimed, “We’re small, but we’re growing”!) The mouth that has spoken the favorable word so far has belonged to a neighbor, an employee of Davidson College or even another innkeeper.  In all of these cases we have gone to special lengths to introduce ourselves and our inn to those around us and to personally promote what we think is a very high quality amenity. The best referral source, of course, is a guest who valued his or her experience enough to say so online.  We now have the opportunity to build favorable word of mouth from a wider circle of people with whom we cannot meet personally. We look forward to it.

Next up: Sign Wars

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