Opening On Time

We opened The Cedars Davidson on Saturday, December 20, 2014.  This was an amazing and highly gratifying event to Sue and me.  We  chose December 20th as the opening date back before we even closed on the house, a decision of high presumption and daring considering the work that had to be done and the absolute inability of mortals to predict when our first guest would choose to spend the night. I would not compare our self-imposed deadline to Dr. Johnson’s observation about one’s looming execution, but having the deadline indeed sharpened our minds and forced us to plan and execute with uncharacteristic speed and efficiency.

But no amount of project management could assure us we would have paying guests on our chosen night.  Indeed, our first reservation was made for December 26, 2014, and I was quite content with that. But luck can sometimes reward audacity, and on December 18, a neighbor knocked on our front door, asked to see the rooms and made her reservation for the Magnolia and Maple rooms on behalf of her adult children for, drum roll please, December 20, 2014.

And so it came to pass.  Our first guests arrived shortly after 3:00 PM and were treated to hot wassail, stilton with cranberries and some seasoned nut and pretzel mix prepared by Sue.  They left within the hour for their family gathering at mom’s and returned later that night.  We served our first breakfast the next morning, consisting of a spinach and egg omelet, homemade croissant, link sausages, fruit salad and eggnog bread. When they checked out, I think everyone was pleased with the experience.

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