Parents Again: Meet Our Puppy, Sam!

The Cedars Davidson is no longer the most recent crazy labor of love in our family … Sue and I are parents again! We proudly announce Sam, our sweet, serious, (but occasionally manic) Westie puppy! Like a new baby, he has made many changes to our lives: the need to find pet-frienTom Watson and puppy Samdly destinations; meals we often end up eating cold; interrupted conversations; and the occasional alimentary canal explosion (Sue and her nursing terms); but we are immensely enjoying the morning puppy kisses, the countless trips outside, the walks through our wonderful neighborhood and Sam’s unceasing excitement for being in our company.

Sue and I had been searching for a Westie for about six months, a search that proved harder than we expected. One rainy Saturday morning in early fall, we stumbled upon an ad in the classifieds. We went to the breeder’s home for a visit and Sue selected Sam from the litter. She claims he had a sweet AND serious face … which we now believe he practiced due to his, we’ll call it active, personality!

Pets have often been part of our lives; Bailey, our last Westie, was a wonderful companion for 17 years. As a child I had a dachshund named Heidi and Sue, well she had a laundry list of pets ranging from a black and white rat to poodles to guinea pigs. I agree with Sue when she says having a dog keeps you from being self-centered because you have to think about another’s welfare before your own. That said, we also can’t deny the benefit of our puppy’s unconditional love and forgiveness!

Since we get many of the “new parent” questions about our recent addition, we thought we would gush, I mean provide answers, here about The Cedars Davidson’s new mascot!

What is Sam’s favorite breakfast? Despite living with the best cook I’ve ever met, Sam leads a boring dietary life. He eats dry puppy chow that meets all the latest food fad requirements for dogs (most of which closely resemble the latest food fads for humans). He loves the normal puppy treats and actually quite enjoys apple slices. And Sue calls him a “people muncher” right now — enjoying her ankles, fingers, legs, etc.

Does Sam tag along on innkeeper chores? Sam loves being in the basement but hates going down the stairs. He also loves a chance to sneak by us and scamper through the main part of the house when we are cleaning.

What names did you consider other than Sam? EVERYONE always has an opinion on the name! My son’s choice was Frodo (he is clearly a Lord of the Rings guru). I considered Rollo, the Viking founder of Normandy and Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Sue liked the simplicity of Sam; I told my son it was short for Samwise (Frodo’s stalwart companion), and everyone was happy.

Does Sam get into any mischief? What mischief doesn’t he get into! His inner wild thing comes out in the mornings and late afternoons. He loves to move all of Sue’s shoes out of her closet when she is trying to get dressed. Sometimes he will go after any clothes he can get his mouth on, too. He gets very proud of his prizes, so Sue kind of hates making him give them back.

Do you dress Sam up for special occasions? If by special occasions you mean UNC-CH games, then yes. But if you mean Halloween or Christmas, absolutely not. (Much to Sue’s dismay!) I think we might need to find him a Davidson shirt as well.

In short, we are proud parents and look forward to sharing Sam stories (and photos!) with our guests. We do keep him out of the guest area, but we are always happy to introduce him to fellow dog lovers.

Until next time … we invite you to come as guests and leave as friends.

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