Our Eponymous Cedars

We named The Cedars Davidson after our two impressive Deodar Cedars, Cedrus deodara. These majestic trees are native to the Himalayas and Nepal, but they thrive in Davidson and Charlotte.  IMG_0010

A Deodar cedar covered in snow rises in the front yard.

We named our bed and breakfast after this huge Deodar cedar and its fraternal twin by our rear deck.

In their native habitat, these trees can grow to 120′, even 150′ tall, but in the United States, the experts report that 50′ is more common.  That is why we are so pleased with our two; I believe they are each well over 50′, maybe 75′ tall.  Besides being huge, these trees have  marvelously swooping pendulous branches.  Their needles are blue-green and grow all around a stem, in a whorl. A photograph of the house from the  1930s shows a spindly version of the one in the back rising above the house. It and its mate seem to have grown ever taller for the next 80 years without any particular care.  The trees come in male and female versions.  We have  the male, which shed their pollen in the fall. Unfortunately this means we have two green pollen seasons–one in the spring when the oaks bloom and one in the fall.  We forgive the trees this messy habit becasue they are so beautiful.

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