By The Numbers: A Week As An Innkeeper

Lots of people ask, ‘What is it like to be an innkeeper?’ Sometimes it is challenging to respond in a way that gives the full picture of life as a bed and breakfast owner. Of course, there is the great joy that comes from interacting with so many different guests from all over the world. We never get tired of hearing about their journeys and the opportunity to be even a small part of their lives.

And then there is all the other “stuff.”

The cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, and the readying the house for the next guests who will come through the door.

Need a visual? Try to imagine being required to have your own home picture perfect seven days a Chef Sue at The Cedarsweek, 365 days a year … quite a few of you just gave up your dream of being in innkeeper, I’ll bet!

Seriously, owning The Cedars Davidson is one of the best things we have ever done. It is hard work, but it is rewarding work. Sharing our home is what makes our life better.

Because we love to share stories and offer a glimpse of life at The Cedars Davidson on this blog (and because we might have talked some of you out of owning a B&B!), we thought we would give you a look at our week, by the numbers. (Yes, that does say an average of nearly FOUR loads of laundry A DAY!)

The Cedars Davidson By The Numbers

Pots of Coffee Brewed: 18

Cups of Coffee We Drank: 20

Eggs Cracked: 54

Bacon Strips Fried: 54

Dishwasher Loads Run: 7

Mixing Bowls Used & Washed: 35

Small Containers Used & Washed: 44

Loads of Laundry Completed: 26

Beds Changed: 19

Bathrooms Cleaned: 13

Thank You Notes Written: 12

We look forward to seeing you (and cracking some eggs for you!) soon.

Until next time … we invite you to come as guests and leave as friends.

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