Breakfast is SMOKIN’!

I really enjoy doing cooking classes at The Cedars Davidson, and I love seeing my participants’ faces light up when we introduce a new ingredient to their palates. I thought I would share the culinary adventure with our online audience. Enjoy the first segment of “Spice It Up With Sue,” featuring Smoked Paprika!

Smoke and breakfast foods are not a new concept. There’s smoked bacon, smoked pork chops, and sometimes smoked sausage. But what about the eggs? Eggs deserve as much excitement in their lives as the other ingredients! So, let’s add a little smoke. No, we’re not going to put them in the smoker, (a tantalizing idea that I’ll mull over) but we can add a little smoky goodness in the guise of Smoked Paprika.smoked paprika

We’re all familiar with paprika, the red stuff Grandma dusted on deviled eggs to make them pretty, but probably haven’t given it as much credence as a valuable culinary ingredient as it’s due.

Paprika is a powder made from grinding sweet red pepper pods. Its flavor covers a range from sweet and mild to fiery hot and pungent. Color-wise, it travels across the color spectrum from lovely red-orange to blood-red to almost magenta. And now, Paprika is available in a smoked variety that retains its peppery goodness and then pumps up the flavor with a touch of smoke. Paprika can simply be a garnish or the star of the show as in Chicken Paprikas, but my current favorite use for it at The Cedars Davidson is in omelets, a pinch or two added to beaten eggs that will be folded over a lovely mélange of lightly sautéed ingredients (ham, peppers, onions, cheese, you name it) and the humble omelet is suddenly elevated to the realm of the “exotic.”

Give it a try. Wake up those taste buds!

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