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Our Eponymous Cedars
We named The Cedars Davidson after our two impressive Deodar Cedars, Cedrus deodara. These majestic trees are native to the Himalayas and Nepal, but they thrive in Davidson and Charlotte.  IMG_0010...
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Lessons in Innkeeping: Don’t Forget the Tray!
With every great bed & breakfast comes with the perfect Anniversary Package … or at least that is what Tom and I decided as we planned the features of The...
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What a Difference a Year Makes!
We made it! One year ago today, we welcomed our very first guest at The Cedars Davidson. How blessed we have been to share our house with so many people...
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Puppy Sam
Parents Again: Meet Our Puppy, Sam!
The Cedars Davidson is no longer the most recent crazy labor of love in our family … Sue and I are parents again! We proudly announce Sam, our sweet, serious,...
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By The Numbers: A Week As An Innkeeper
Lots of people ask, ‘What is it like to be an innkeeper?’ Sometimes it is challenging to respond in a way that gives the full picture of life as a...
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Made to Order: Breakfast at The Cedars
  One of the aspects of our bed and breakfast that I am most proud of is the unique way we do the breakfast part. Culinary life was my second...
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Cedars Davidson wine on porch
INNside Scoop: Get to Know Tom and Sue
The INNside Scoop on Sue: Would you rather… Have coffee or tea? Coffee Wake up early or stay up late? Wake up early Enjoy an afternoon bike ride or an...
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