Made to Order: Breakfast at The Cedars


One of the aspects of our bed and breakfast that I am most proud of is the unique way we do the breakfast Menu on Bedpart. Culinary life was my second calling, and I, of course, envisioned myself owning an award-winning restaurant in a cutting-edge neighborhood, packing people in every night … and ignoring the fact I was nearing my 60th birthday! However, I have a wonderful husband who talked me back to reality and gently guided me to dream big, but realistically! Breakfast at The Cedars means I get to run a very little restaurant and can totally cater to the tastes of each of our special guests every morning. It is my own little slice of heaven, and it happens by 9 a.m. every day!

I get to plot and plan featured menu items, gaining inspiration from lovely seasonal ingredients, or cook based on my own mood or tidbits I’ve picked up after meeting our guests. (Don’t be afraid to drop hints, my friends!) I don’t want to be a bored chef, and I don’t want our guests to be bored when they come to the breakfast table. I love delivering the new menu to the guest rooms … and enjoy seeing what our guests choose even more (Steel Cut Oatmeal, who knew?!).

Recently someone asked me if I could only choose one breakfast dish for the remainder of my days, what would it be? That is like asking me to pick my favorite child! BUT, if I were forced to choose, it would be poached eggs over prosciutto or smoked salmon and arugula. I serve it on wheat crostini, and it is a stunning blend of color, texture, flavor … and from a chef’s perspective, it is challenging. When the dish is perfect, I feel like the morning has been a complete success! (Now you know what to order when you visit…)

Okay, writing about all this cooking is giving me an itch to get in the kitchen, not to mention, it’s making me hungry! Tom and I hope you’ll let us pamper you soon. Time to get breakfast started, but feel free to peruse a couple recent menus below!

Until next time … we invite you to come as guests and leave as friends.



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